Using Amico Vertical Bbq is easy and fast, produces very little smoke and your food will taste great, while being healthier too.

Just follow carefully this easy steps:

1– Open the barbecue.

2– Fill the container with charcoal briquettes.


3– Set the charcoal container as shown in the picture, making sure you place the ashes collector tray underneath. In this way you won’t need to clean once you are done.

4Light the charcoal the way you like, but always remember to start the fire from the bottom. Once the fire is started, it will usually take less than 10 minutes to spread, depending on the kind of briquettes you are using.

Tip: you can place some self-lighting briquettes at the bottom and regular briquettes on top. The vertical structure will help the heat to spread fast, and in this way you will avoid using lighting fluids and unpleasant odors.

Be always mindful when starting the fire!

5– Open the grills and place the meat, fish and/or vegetables. If you want you can season or marinate them before placing.

Chose the larger grill for thick food (e.g.: steaks, chicken breasts…) and the narrower for thinner food (e.g.: vegetables, chicken wings, shrimp…).

Make sure you close the grills properly.

6– Place the stainless steel trays near ashes container and fill them with water.

7– Align two grills on the side of each charcoal container, closer for a quick cooking, a bit farther for a slower cooking, making sure that the water trays are correctly placed underneath in order to collect the fat.

8– Cook the first side of the food as you prefer, then turn or just switch the grills.

You can keep switching them to reach the perfect cooking.

Remember that the process will be faster than in a normal barbecue!

Enjoy the pleasure of cooking without smoke blurring your eyes!

9– Open the grills, place the food on your dishes, add all your favourite sauces and enjoy!

Buon appetito!

10– Do not throw water on the ashes, they will naturally cool down.

11– Toss water and ashes (when they are COMPLETELY extinct), in the recycling bin or in the garden.

12– Clean the grills and the water containers normally, with water and dish soap or put them in the dish washer. No need to clean the ashes container once it is empty.

13– After Amico Vertical Barbecue has completely cooled down, place all the tools inside and close it: it is already set for your next experience!

Did you know? The Company bbq we used for this presentation is the first prototype, invented in 1996 and still perfectly working! Have you ever seen another bbq lasting 20+ years?