About us

I was first introduced to the Amico Vertical Bbq while volunteering for Dynamo Camp, a retreat in the hills of Tuscany for children and adolescents with severe and chronic illnesses.
At the Open Day closing ceremony, we had a bbq for over one thousand people. The food was amazing and the unique style of grilling was something I had never witnessed.
The gentleman doing the grilling was Antonio Mei, a successful inventor who had made his livelihood with innovative products all over the years.
In a speedy and tasty fashion, he and his friends grilled for all those people and the day was a resounding success.
We became close friends and together thought we should bring this innovative way of grilling to North America, where barbecuing is a true passion.
My name is Serena Milloni and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
I am very pleased to introduce the Amico Vertical Bbq and look forward to present the various styles of our barbecues which I am sure will serve all your grilling needs.
Thank you and buon appetito!