Welcome to the wonderful world of the Amico Vertical Bbq!

Amico is an innovative product designed and manufactured in Emilia Romagna, Italy, a region known for its culture of fantastic cuisine and original cooking techniques.

With the combination of ease of use, versatility and a method of grilling which is tastier, healthier and reduces the amount of smoke, the Amico collection of barbecues will be sure to impress both your family and friends. It will be sure to serve all your cooking needs, and compliment your lifestyle.

Tech specs

Slide DIMENSIONS from 450x320mm to 220X450 WEIGHT from kg 14. 2 grills inox steel
to 62kg for professional one
VARIOUS MODELS From the Pic-nik model
to the professional ones
COOKING SURFACE from 968 cm²
to 5,250 cm²


Healthier and tastier

By eliminating much of the fat from various meats and cooking with charcoal, this bbq guarantees to bring out the true taste of all foods grilled in a healthy fashion.

High quality and craftsmanship

All Amico BBQS are designed and manufactured in Emilia Romagna, Italy, to the highest standards. Bbq’s over a decade old are still in use today.

Less smoke

Because of the unique way of barbecuing (in a vertical fashion) the amount of smoke emitted is minimal. Ideal for condos, townhouses, etc.

Easy to assemble

From the Pick-Nic, a portable bbq which can be used as a table top or with legs, to the Company which can barbecue for over 20 people at once, all Amico Bbq’s take only minutes to assemble.

Easy to use

No accessories or gas canisters needed. Everything is included for all your barbecuing requirements. Time to barbecue is quicker and can be used for whatever amount of people desired.

Made in Italy